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The Photographs will be Presented
in One of the Below Programs

Program (A)

For an Individual Family

A Leather Portfolio Album

(1) per family

image of closed album

In The Album

(1) 8x10 - (4) 4x6 pictures

You will also receive (24) 4x6 pictures
to give to family and friends. Prints will
have a high quality satin luster finish.

image of open album

Photo DVD

Participants will receive a high-definition photo disc containing all of the pictures taken at the photo session.

photos of love cd


Program (B)

For Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Living Communities, Nursing Homes, Independent Living Facilities and Hospice Facilities

Picture Folder (with easel backs)

8x10 picture folder 5x7s (max 2)

If pictures are taken at a care facility for an individual person or family night or special event, The Facility will receive a photo disc of all pictures taken.

Program (B-1)
Birthday Parties at Senior Citizen Communities

Album of 4 x 6 Prints and Photo DVD

example of 4 x 6 set of prints4x6s (1 set)

Download the flyer


*Participation in the Photos of Love program DOES NOT REQUIRE that any pictures taken be posted on the Photos of Love online gallery. This choice is up to the individual or his/her family.

Thumbnail images of Photos of Love participants
Thumbnail images of Photos of Love participants